Private movement sessions (online/in person) addressing injury, pain and their fastidious friend, fear.
Restore mechanically happy movement as well as rewire the pain pathways.


PRIVATES OR CLASSES (online/in person).

be IN your body,
give back to yourself,
feel the joy of movement,
move #fromthecœur.


  1. A unique Pilates Comprehensive Mat Teacher Training course created to empower adult learners at their own pace and bring back the original quality driven method of passing on the knowledge from Teacher to Teacher. Passing the Pilates torch used to happen with so much personal flavour and individual spice, exactly the way families would share recipes across generations. It is our firm aim to produce teachers through experience.

  2. Pilates Equipment Start Up courses to get you going on your new investment.

  3. Pilates Pilgrims - a gathering of teachers wishing to explore the equipment in their own bodies - all levels welcome. Louise will facilitate a personal dive into The Method, on various pieces of Pilates equipment. Connect to the bigger picture of Contrology and take all the feels from moving your body on the equipment back to your studio and/or your mat.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Oliver Wendell Holmes
Take bite sizes from solution oriented coaching. Online/in person.
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Learn to use dōTERRA essential oils in your studio, your teaching and beyond.