Louise Knoop

Owner & Founder of Prime Movement

- mobilising living, moving & being








1992      Matriculated Wynberg Girls’ High School, Cape Town

1993      Dance Teacher Qualification - International Dance Teachers’ Association, South Africa

        Personal Trainer Certification with Exercise Teachers Academy

        Personal Trainer at Health & Racquet Club

    Teacher & Administrator, Cape Academy of Performing Arts

1994/95      Professional Dancer, Sun City International

1995      Anatomy & Movement Therapy studies - Hogeschole van Utrecht, The Netherlands

1996 - 98     Human Resources Manager, Claydon Heeley International Advertising Agency, London

    Freelance Contemporary Dance/Dance Conditioning Teacher

1999      Body Control Pilates Certification, London. 

Nov 1999    Pilates Method research - New York City

1999 to date    Broad Pilates & Movement perspective - training with the likes of Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Deborah Lessen, Brent Anderson, Elizabeth Larkham, Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt, Eric Franklin, Pat Gush, Lisa Bradshaw


2000      Founded Pilates Studio at The Cape Academy of Performing Arts & J Lemon Physiotherapy Practice, Cape Town (sold September 2008)

2001      STOTT International Pilates Certification

2002      Host - Pretoria Technikon Pilates Courses, Cape Town

2003    Pilates for Dancers Certification - Polestar Pilates

Jan 2005      Facilitator -  development of Body Control Pilates Teacher Training courses in South Africa. 

2005    Purpose built investment project - Pilates, Dance & Theatre School (sold 2009)

2005 – 2013      Director, Body Control Pilates South Africa

2007 - 2012      Annual Presenter, Body Control Pilates Development Week-end, Royal College of Physicians London.



Oct 2008      Developed Teacher Training infrastructure, Harare, Zimbabwe

Feb 2009      Developed Teacher Training infrastructure, Johannesburg

May & Nov 2009    Body Control Pilates London Comprehensive Studio Training

2009 - 2011      Cross-continent Pilates studio research

2009      Co-chair, South African Pilates Education Providers Alliance


Feb 2010      Presenter - Conscious Movement Conference, Cape Town.

May 2010      Anatomy lectures with Jacqui Koep, Physiotherapist

June/July 2010    Body Control Pilates London Comprehensive Studio Training

2010    Body Control Pilates South Africa Studio - Cape Town (sold May 2013)

2011 & 2012      Teacher Training in and around Southern Africa

Dec 2012 - 2016      President, Pilates Method Alliance - Southern Africa Chapter


June/July 2013      Guest Teacher & Presenter - Cobham Pilates, United Kingdom

August 2013      Garuda Method Retreat - James Da Silva, Mykonos, Greece 

September 2013      Founder - Prime Movement

November 2013      Dreaming in the Dark, Hiro Boga - "a digital deep dive for creative entrepreneurs”


January 2014      World Tour of Cereal Killers.

    Presenter, Low Carb Downunder, Epworth Hospital, Melbourne.

February 2014      Pilates Method Alliance Certification, Los Angeles

Throughout 2014      Prime Movement Education Immersions - Cape Town & Harare, Zimbabwe

January 2015      World Tour -  Run on Fat, Documentary Film

March 2015      Primal Health Coach Certification - Primal Blueprint

August 2015      Guest Teacher & Presenter - Cobham Pilates, United Kingdom

September 2015    Aerial Yoga Certification

November 2015     Movement Director - Documentary Film, The Big Fat Fix


February 2016      Presenter - Conscious Movement Conference

April 2016     Inner Life Skills Life & Business Coaching Certification

July 2016     Prime Living Coach Course development

August 2016     World Premier of "The Big Fat Fix" in New York City

September 2016     Prime Movement launch at Yoga Body Space, Cape Town

December 2016      Animal Flow Certification, London

March 2017    Inner Life Skills Professional Life & Business Coaching Certification