What "THEY" say:

"...you come with your energy and your vibe and your just ridiculous level of enthusiasm and you wipe away everything unimportant!"
Donna Pourteymour, Founder - Cobham Pilates, UK

"Razor sharp clarity --- whether it's instructing a class or advising on lifestyle changes, you will NOT be left uncertain on what you should do! Louise is that rare entrepreneurial hybrid: someone who is ambitious yet down to earth; a humble listener while being a direct and clear leader; passionate with the ability to execute. There are those that are followers and those that are innovators. Louise is a natural born innovator. And it's contagious. Her ability to be in the present moment as a teacher and leader and to be hard core while at the same time being REAL and fun is so refreshing... I have tried to adopt what she does so naturally!"
Michelle Fama, Founder - Core Pilates NYC, USA

"Having been teaching for over 3 years now, I value my training more each day and am so proud to be part of "this generation" of teachers. Prime Movement offers the most comprehensive training with all the backup needed with online access, to videos and help, with an environment of learning that is not staid and unimaginative . It is an incredible learning journey that requires showing up for yourself and will continue forever. I’ve learnt how adapting “thinking out of the box" rather than "this is the only way" helps me meet different clients' needs. Gaining experience in both self-practice and teaching is such a fundamental part of the training.
I am so very grateful for my mentorship with Robyn and my continued association with Louise."
Juliet Hoenck, Studio Owner - Lithe Movement, CT

"The best part?? Pilates in pajamas! Great to be able to do a course in your own time and have constant access to the material at your fingertips. Prime Movement also appeals to the freedom-seeker in me, not just from a movement perspective but also from a learning and earning perspective. The openness and mentorship of Louise over the years as well as the support from other teachers & studios during my training - the collaboration and support has been paramount for me on this journey. As Louise always says, "Forward is Forward!" And the ability to move forward on my Pilates journey was bolstered by the support of other teachers in my network."
Victoria Soroczynski, Pilates Teacher, PR Consultant  & Beekeeper in training, JHB

"There is a juicy-ness to Louise's teaching that brings out the best in her students/teachers. I feel it and therefore so do my clients - they noticed the change in my energy levels, class picked up pace and flow.  Louise encouraged me to push clients' boundaries safely and effectively. She is brave and open to new ideas. Why bother with boring and stable routines when you can challenge and explore the edges – from a good solid platform of experience."
Justine Haupt, Studio Owner - Just Pilates, SW

"The insight, integrity & unparalleled knowledge I had access to during my training has produced gainful employment & self-belief. Louise's method of 'passing on the knowledge' is done so in a non-threatening, encouraging way that sure pays off. I am constantly complimented on my Pilates & Kinaesthetic knowledge and understanding. My new business life went from zero to 100 in under a year!!"
Karen Amato, Studio Owner - moveStrong, CT

"I know they say never judge a book by it's cover, but when it comes to learning something like Pilates, I judge the body I'm learning from and Louise's body is one that inspires and speaks to me!"
Shannon McLaughlin, Pilates Passionista - Ubuntu Mama, CT

"Prime Movement really resonates with me. When I studied with Louise I had terrible back and neck issues. I felt uncomfortable within my body and my awareness. I was working from home and felt isolated. I came out of those tuition days feeling excited not only about the benefits of Pilates for myself, but confident and inspired that it could be possible that I could help others feel the same. She is an incredible teacher!"
Rachel Bell, Pilates Teacher - Venture Writer, UK

"Louise is a natural educator. She makes the learning process easy because she helps you UNDERSTAND the movement. She is passionate about our industry, always open to learning herself and eager to share her findings. But perhaps most importantly Louise has taught me to place a higher value on my time and the service I offer and to respect my own capabilities in terms of how much I work, and to give myself enough time to rest to stay best!"
Justine Seymour, Studio Owner - Somersault Studio, CT

"A movement class that is, in its very essence, noble with a body-friendly philosophy. Its added value lies in the restoration of balance and the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit, whereby the body builds its power, firmness and mobility to an incredible gentle, fluid, danceful, and even a meditative purpose.
And when a person is connected to the whole, he/she can express him/herself in all their (full) integrity."
Maja Repe, Dance Teacher & Prime Mover - Slovenia

"Every class with Louise feels like a body gift. She is able to describe and cue movement in a way that ignites very clear muscle recruitment and sequencing, leaving your body feeling worked yet mobile. Her positivity is infectious and one can't help leaving her class invigorated in body and mind."
Simone Muller Lotz, Dancer - Teacher - Mama, London

“...my body totally changed!!! Strong core, slim and strong legs, stronger arms, relaxed back and neck.
I got my energy back. I really feel much much better.”
Urška Faller, Yogi, Mountain Climber, Nature nymph, Anthropologist - Ljubljana, Slovenia