Welcome to Prime Movement, where innate ability is cultivated and restored.

We aim to give adult learners the reigns with online content and parallel guidance from their chosen facilitator.

You’ll certainly have many questions. If you have any further queries once you have read the FAQs below, please contact primemovement1@gmail.com or set up a Skype chat with Louise (louise.knoop).

Prime Movement Education from Prime Movement on Vimeo. Karen Amato speaks about her learning curves, twists and turns.

When can I start?
ANY time that suits you - you are the master of your own movement journey!

What does it cost?
(many courses neglect to forewarn you to budget for an additional ZAR10k/$900 for continued tuition in your own body - please do so.)
RSA residents may apply for residential discount.

Who is the Course Presenter?
Your course presenter lives and breathes movement. Prime Movement Founder, Louise Knoop O'Neill is a  Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Master Teacher,  Lifestyle & Business Coach.

Louise has studied, explored and educated in the contemporary Pilates methods for over 16 years, but her passion lies in the traditional Contrology method, in making it accessible & enjoyable. You will experience Traditional Pilates with a modern voice in an environment focussed on your growth.

What is the Prime Movement Pilates philosophy?
Prime Movement accesses natural, innate movement ability. You will learn traditional Pilates with an honoured but fresh and up to date perspective. Joseph Pilates was before his time on so many levels, it is our pleasure to share the supporting research with you.

What makes this course offering unique?
1.  COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING - many courses offer introductory courses for basic level exercises, then another Intermediate Matwork Course and then another Advanced Matwork Course. These courses add up in time & cost. PM's Pilates Matwork Professional Course will turn you into exactly that - a Professional in ALL levels of Pilates Matwork with an effective, comprehensive format. We offer you our Pilates Master, Louise Knoop's own learning curves (of 20 industry years), without frills or fuss in ONE comprehensive course. You will experience effective and steep learning curves in the mechanics of movement with solid teaching skills and FUNctional, practical application in a Pilates environment.

2.  INDUSTRY LEADING ONLINE TOOLS - by bringing foundational learning and observation requirements visually online, professionals can meet the course requirements quickly & efficiently from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. BACK TO THE ROOTS - The Pilates Method was originally taught one on one, in an intimate studio setting - very much like learning your grandmother's tried and tested recipes at the family kitchen table. We have developed a system that optimises individual learning at an individual pace - visually, verbally or experientially. In supporting the power of the person we are educating, this course boasts a 90% completion/success rate with very minimal drop out rate, which is a reality when the hoop jumping required are simply too overwhelming.

What are the pre-requisites?
1hr private with a Prime Pilates Teacher - get to know YOUR body!

10hrs Pilates Class attendance with Prime Pilates Teacher - this is in place to get your body & mind on the same page for course registration. In the event that you do not have/have not had access to a Prime Pilates Teacher please contact us to discuss your preparation pathway.

What is the course format?
In order to reduce overwhelm, we have paced the learning process to make it digestible:

Once you have watched the Welcome Video and have orientated yourself with the technical aspects of the course, start with a Skype chat with Louise - get to know each other & discuss your body, your fears, your existing strengths.

Anatomy Preparation Assignment - an assignment designed to familiarize the learner with the language of anatomy. It should take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, depending on previous experience.

Immediate access to Prime Movement online forum & content...meet your new colleagues immediately, start learning from the online tutorials upon registration.

Expert online tutorials to guide you through the 50hrs of  self-study. Watch Louise break down anatomy & exercise technique with her unique user friendly methods, establishing your own layers of understanding. Pause. Rewind. Play. Learn at your own pace.

Online assessments will pace you through the self-study process, keeping you focused & centred.

30hrs Pilates Class attendance  throughout your studies - you cannot teach movement without feeling it weekly within your own body. In the event that you do not have local access to a Prime Pilates Teacher, we recommend online private Coaching with a Prime Pilates teacher or additional time spent near a training location to fulfill class attendance hours. We also welcome you to put your local teacher forward for some of  your class attendance hours.

12hrs of private coaching with a Prime Pilates Facilitator - this is set up at your life's pace (for your own account). During these sessions, your Facilitator will guide you physically & mentally through the following Pilates Professional principles in conjunctioning with your online content:

  1. Spinal articulation & neutral pelvis & spine
  2. Shoulder Girdle mobility & strength
  3. Foot to hip mechanics
  4. 3 x Exercise review sessions - please focus on exercises that are not sitting well with you and/or your body.
  5. Demonstration skills - let your body speak Pilates
  6. Verbal economy - learning to teach with affirmations & effect
  7. The art of touch - how to use touch effectively
  8. Obstacles - what is getting in your way? Where do you need to focus in order to move forward?
  9. 2 x case study review sessions:  Once you have started your case studies, you will need constructive feedback on your teaching. Please take your client (or a 30mins video of you teaching your client) to your Facilitator for a 30mins assessment & further guidelines. So this 1 hr session includes 30mins of your Facilitator watching you teach your client, followed by 30mins of feedback from your Facilitator. (The client need only be present for the first 3omins).

10 hrs of self-observation - we ask you to video yourself teaching a friend for at least 10hrs prior to commencing your case studies to cut your teeth, spit the words out & find your personal mojo. We give you the opportunity to kickstart self-observation as your own best critic!

40hrs Pilates online viewing - we have researched & recommended online viewing sites for you to hone your observation of voice, movement, touch, technique and so much more.

Reading assignment - read and submit a 500 word book review of one of the books on the required reading list. 

How exactly will I be examined?

2 x 10hr case studies can be presented in a typed document with the following headings:

Exercises covered
Teachers notes on client status & progression
with 2 videos: session 1 with your client and session 10 with your client.
PLEASE remember that this is a technical aspect of your tuition - we aim to help you be media savvy, able to hold your own 'out there'. Uploading your videos to Vimeo/Google/Dropbox can be a lengthy process, please allow for this time.

Your anatomy & theory exam must be completed in one online sitting, with an objective witness present (preferable your Facilitator) or a time sensitive sitting (no-one can page through crib notes when the clock is ticking for a limited time only).

1hr practical examination with Louise Knoop O'Neill (in person or via Skype)  demonstrating 10 of the classical mat exercises to the best of your ability with obvious modifications which will show your understanding of client progression/alternatives towards and within the Classical Mat, followed by an interactive discussion regarding exercises, technique & teaching skills. This examination is aimed at your personal growth.

Will I have to travel to sit my theory exam?
No. Prime Movement is setting new standards in Pilates training, and this extends to our examining procedures. Our use of modern digital technology means your theory exam can be taken online at a location and time of your choice. The only requirement is that it must be completed in one sitting within the prescribed amount of time, with an objective witness present.

I'm a distance learner, how much time do I need to spend at a training location? And how can I qualify from my home town?
Our online tools allow you to start learning upon registration. Once you have completed your 12 x private coaching sessions with your Prime Pilates facilitator, you can complete ALL the assignments/criteria from your home town. This process has been pioneered by Prime Movement, to empower adult learning skills & management.

What does a Prime Pilates Mat Course certify me to do?
You will be qualified to guide group classes and privates expertly, from basic fundamentals towards the original Classical Mat exercises, with FUNctional Prime Movement.

Can I start teaching immediately after certification?

We have made a conscious and calculated decision to teach The Method the way it was originally taught - by genuine experience because The Work works. 
Prime Pilates Graduates are given immediate access to Global Professional Indemnity with industry leader, LSG Insurance. (Separate insurance is required for Canada & USA.)
Further along your path, once comprehensive equipment training has been attained, graduates are encouraged to sit The Pilates Method Alliance Exam - the ONLY International Accreditation Agency.

A note from Louise:

"This will be difficult to believe right now - in the bigger picture of your path, it is irrelevant where you start/which course you do. We all start "somewhere".
You will be as good as you set out to be - through your teaching experience and continuous personal development. Any studio worldwide will audition before hiring because the proof is in the pudding.

It is natural upon embarking on a new career path to focus the search around stability, security, validity and portability. We stand by the counsel we give everyone - go where the method feels happy and comfortable, where it makes sense to your body and your mind. Get your certification, start working and expand your horizons from there. The work (pilates) works. Trust that.

True knowledge comes from MILEAGE rather than jumping through hoops."

What makes Prime Movement’s course format different?
The advertised price of a course is not indicative of the ACTUAL investment required to qualify.

The ACTUAL cost of a basic Pilates course looks like this: COURSE FEE + TRAVEL COSTS (for observation/participation) + ACCOMMODATION + FOOD + YOUR OWN CLASSES

Then the length of time it takes to qualify is your OPPORTUNITY COST.

ACTUAL COST + OPPORTUNITY COST can add up to a large grand total over a long period of time. Therefore Return on Investment takes said long time to achieve.

If you do the Prime Pilates Mat course you will :

commence learning upon registration,
qualify as soon as personally possible,
start earning sooner,
and therefore earn more in year 1 than any other course on the market,
making your Return on Investment far superior.

Hidden costs/catches?
Pre-requisite 10hrs Pilates Class attendance with Prime Pilates Teacher - 10 classes cost between ZAR700 - 900/10 privates cost between ZAR2500 - 4500

After hours assignment of 30hrs Pilates Class attendance with Prime Pilates Teacherr - 10 classes cost between ZAR700 - 900/10 privates cost between ZAR2500 - 4500

12 x Coaching sessions - ZAR450/$45 per session (some Facilitators may offer packages)

Retake of Anatomy & Theory exam - ZAR450

Retake of Practical exam - ZAR700

Course completion - this course advocates completion within 6 months - this is in place to inspire progression & accomplishment! The online content is available for 2 years upon registration, continuing to empower & facilitate deeper analysis and understanding throughout your Pilates pathway. Ideally we hope to see you certified within 6 months - 1 year, allowing the online content to support you through your first year of real life teaching :)!

Optional extras:
Coaching clinics are offered by various Prime Pilates Facilitators - this is a wonderful place to connect with your local network and new colleagues. (Generally ZAR300 - 500 for a 3hr session).

ZAR700 for one hour private in person or Skype Coaching session with Louise Knoop O'Neill on any additional sticky areas in your teaching or technical understanding.

ZAR450 for one hour private in person or Skype Coaching session with a Prime Pilates Facilitator on any additional sticky areas in your teaching or technical understanding.

Once certified, please contact LSG Insurance for 1 year Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance at Prime Movement rate of +-ZAR315/year.

We do our best to pair you up with a study buddy - free of charge, for mutual benefit.

Red tape?

  1. Full fees to be paid upon registration, guaranteeing immediate access to course content – start learning upon registration!
  2. This course price includes access to online material specific to your course, 1 x practical exam and 1 x digital certificate
  3. Please note that in the case of early retirement from the course, or of failure to attend the course once registration is accepted, all previously paid fees are non-refundable.
  4. In the unlikely event of 3 failed practical exams, Prime Movement retains the right to cancel a tuition contract.
  5. While Prime Movement will cover specific physical conditions, it is understood that the tuition modules are not a replacement for private tuition and the attendee takes full responsibility for their own body throughout the duration of the course until completion.
  6. Fees for any future courses may be subject to amendment.
  7. If a student has not completed the course within 1 year, Prime Movement reserves the right to fail the student and to remove their name from the register of current students.
  8. While we recommend a budget of  ZAR10,000 extra to cover tuition & coaching in your own body, this is a guideline. Each individual processes the physical, mental & personal information required to become a Pilates Matwork Professional at their own pace.

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