Welcome to Prime Movement, a global integrated movement education provider headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

You’ll certainly have many questions. If you have any further queries once you have read the FAQs below, please contact education@primemovement.com

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Karen Amato speaks about her learning curves of the last 3 years.

What does it cost?

Springs:  USD350

Reformer: USD400

Wunda Chair: USD300

SA citizens may apply for a residential discount upon proof of SA ID.

What are the levels covered?
All the equipment courses cover beginner to advanced exercises, giving you a solid handle on the variety each piece has to offer.

Who is the Course Presenter?
Your course presenter lives and breathes movement. Prime Movement Founder, Louise Knoop O'Neill is a masterful Pilates Educator and Chairman of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) - Southern Africa Chapter (SAC). The PMA is the Professional Association and Certifying Agency for Pilates teachers.

Louise has studied, explored and educated in contemporary Pilates methods for over 18 years, but her passion lies in the traditional Contrology method, in making it accessible & enjoyable. You will experience traditional Pilates with a modern voice.

What is the Prime Movement Pilates philosophy? 
Prime Movement accesses natural, innate movement ability. You will learn traditional Pilates with an honoured but fresh and up to date perspective. Joseph Pilates was before his time on so many levels, it is our pleasure to share the supporting research with you. And the best part is that you get to make it your own, as he intended.

What makes this course offering unique?
1. COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING - We offer you our Pilates Master, Louise Knoop's own learning curves (of 20 industry years), without frills or fuss in ONE comprehensive course. You will experience effective and steep learning curves in the mechanics of movement with solid teaching skills and FUNctional, practical application in a Pilates environment.

2. INDUSTRY LEADING ONLINE TOOLS - by bringing foundational learning and observation requirements visually online, professionals can meet the course requirements quickly & efficiently from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. ADULT LEARNERS - People learn in different ways - visually, verbally or experientially - along different life paths. The PM Courses offer a balance of education tools to primarily access the adult learners' existing strengths while honouring and nurturing the weak spots.

What does the course actually entail?
In order to reduce overwhelm, we have paced the learning process to make it digestible. Once you have watched the Welcome Video and have orientated yourself with the technical aspects of the course, start with a Skype chat with Louise or your agreed facilitator - get to know each other & discuss your body, your fears, your passion.

Immediate access to Prime Movement online forum & content…meet your new colleagues immediately, start learning from the online tutorials upon registration.

Expert online video tutorials to guide you through the specified hrs of self-study. Watch Louise break down movement mechanics & exercise technique with her unique user friendly methods.

10hrs of private coaching with a Prime Movement Coach - this is set up at your life's pace (for your own account). During these sessions, your Coach will guide you physically & mentally through the following Pilates Professional principles:

  • Foot to hip mechanics on the equipment's pieces

  • Shoulder girdle mechanics on the equipment

  • Machine setup & how different settings affect an exercise

  • 3 x Exercise review sessions - please focus on exercises that are not sitting well with you and/or your body.

  • Demonstration skills - let your body speak Pilates

  • Verbal economy & the art of touch - learning to teach with affirmations & how to use touch effectively while a client is on the equipment

  • Obstacles - what is getting in your way? Where do you need to focus in order to move forward?

  • 1 x case study review session: Once you have started your case study, you will need constructive feedback on your teaching. Please take your client (or a 30mins video of you teaching your client) to your Coach for a 30mins assessment & further guidelines. So this 1 hr session includes 30mins of your Coach watching you teach your client, followed by 30mins of feedback from your Coach. (The client need only be present for the first 3omins).

10 hrs of self-observation - we ask you to video yourself teaching a friend for at least 10hrs prior to commencing your case studies to cut your teeth, spit the words out & find your personal mojo. We give you the opportunity to kickstart self-observation as your own best critic!

10hrs Pilates online viewing - we have researched & recommended online viewing sites for you to hone your observation of voice, movement, touch, technique and so much more.

10 - 20hrs of experience in your own body with an equipment teacher on your chosen piece. Input for your Output. Chair = 10hrs, Springs = 10hrs, Reformer = 20hrs

How exactly will I be examined?
1 x 10hr case study - you will be examined on communication skills, demonstrations, machine adaptability & client management.
(This case study is to be submitted NO LESS than 10 days prior to your assessment date. Please submit videos of your first & last sessions.)

1hr practical examination with Louise Knoop (in person or via Skype), or an agreed assessor, demonstrating 10 of the course exercises to the best of your ability with obvious modifications which will show your understanding of client management, followed by an interactive discussion regarding exercises, technique & teaching skills. This examination is aimed at your personal growth.

What does accreditation mean?

We have made a conscious and calculated decision to teach The Method the way it was originally taught - by genuine experience because The Work works.

Prime Pilates Graduates are given immediate access to Global Professional Indemnity with industry leader, LSG Insurance. (Separate insurance is required for Canada & USA.)

Further along your path, once comprehensive equipment training has been attained, graduates are encouraged to sit The Pilates Method Alliance Exam - the ONLY International Accreditation Agency.

A note from Louise:

"This will be difficult to believe right now - in the bigger picture of your path, it is irrelevant where you start/which course you do. We all start "somewhere".

You will be as good as you set out to be - through your teaching experience and continuous personal development. Any studio worldwide will audition before hiring because the proof is in the pudding.

It is natural upon embarking on a new career path to focus the search around stability, security, validity and portability. We stand by the counsel we give everyone - go where the method feels happy and comfortable, where it makes sense to your body and your mind. Get your certification, start working and expand your horizons from there. The work (pilates) works. Trust that.

True knowledge comes from MILEAGE rather than jumping through hoops."

You are only ever going to be as good as your teaching experience and continuous personal development. You will be as good as you set out to be. Any studio worldwide will audition before hiring because the proof is in the pudding. The more pertinent professional question is "Are you insured to teach?"

As far as accreditation goes - organisations are built upon membership fees & regulations.  For Matwork Teachers research the Register of Exercise Professionals. You will find their info here: http://www.icreps.org Globally, +- 5% of Pilates Education Providers are REPS recognised, many are self-accredited based on experience in the field, the way it has been done by Joe's disciples since inception.

With regards to Pilates Equipment education the organisation to research here is http://www.pilatesmethodalliance.org - to become a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher you can submit all your mat and equipment certificates (from varying schools along your Pilates path) in application to write their comprehensive Pilates exam.

What makes Prime Movement’s course format different?
The advertised price of a course is not indicative of the ACTUAL investment required to qualify.

The ACTUAL cost of a basic Pilates course looks like this: COURSE FEE + TRAVEL COSTS (for observation/participation) + ACCOMMODATION + FOOD

Then the length of time it takes to qualify is your OPPORTUNITY COST.

ACTUAL COST + OPPORTUNITY COST can add up to a large grand total over a long period of time. Therefore Return on Investment takes said long time to achieve.

With the PM courses you will :

  • commence learning upon registration,

  • digest & retain course material optimally,

  • qualify as soon as personally possible,

  • start earning sooner, and therefore

  • earn more in year 1 than any other course on the market,

...making your Return on Investment far superior.

Hidden costs/catches?
Retake of Practical exam – ZAR700/$50

Course completion – these courses advocate completion within 6 months from the day of your last module – this is in place to inspire progression & accomplishment! The online content is available for 2 years upon registration, continuing to empower & facilitate deeper analysis and understanding throughout your Pilates pathway.

Optional extras:
R600/$50 for one hour private in person or Skype Coaching session with Louise Knoop on any sticky areas in your teaching or technical understanding.

R450/$45 for one hour private in person or Skype Coaching session with an accredited PM Facilitator on any sticky areas in your teaching or technical understanding.

Once certified, please contact LSG Insurance for 1 year Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance at Prime Movement rate of R315/year.

What are others saying?
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Coaches from Prime Movement on Vimeo.

PM Coaches Justine Seymour & Justine Haupt (on the Wunda Chair) with PM Founder, Louise Knoop.