Sometimes we need some time off from movement.

Movement as we know it.

To heal. To do some undoing. To stop revolving our day/week around when to move (in a structured class) and make more of an effort with daily, functional movement -

  • taking the stairs at any ridiculous opportunity - deleting the "i'll get that later" from our thinking
  • lifting (with biceps & centering) and squatting at any and every opportunity

I needed to heal a very old shoulder injury. I needed to do some undoing and be IN my day. I did all of the above and mobilised my spine and hips almost every day on my foam roller. Basic movements covered. They kept me going AND I had huge amounts of time to sink my teeth into other life basics - overdue phone calls, precious people, looming chores, tech niggles, project support. The mover found some other kind of movement...as well as some guilt free stillness.

Healing requires commitment. Healing an injury is about healing the neural pathways between brain and body. Healing an old, deep-seated injury demands deep cognisance of spirit. 

Bask in restoration. Meditate to nature's movement or lack thereof.

I chose consciously and said many "no thank you's" and the odd "f*** that" to rewire said pathways. It was grand.

Time OFF can be time IN.