I started Prime Movement as a teacher training programme because that is what I knew at the time, knowing it would evolve with and without me. And in so doing, it became a movement of its own. A seeker to seeker, footprints in the sand kinda gallop to finding one's own way of living, moving and being.

After 25 years of teaching and coaching, I arrived at a place that felt independent and primely mine -

spiritually & consciously ON,
physically healed & vital,
professionally proficient
and emotionally pretty free.

It wasn't nirvana. It was simply my reality with ingredients I had actively chosen.

I  set out beyond my protective shell to share my teachings...only to find myself as the student ALL over again. The exhilaration of learning, tripping, committing and diversifying on the path of professional independence ...nothing quite like it. And the ever-present fear & doubts...rabid and raw.

Living, moving and being in constant search mode has me returning to and acknowledging my existing being. Because that's what you do - expaaaaaand so that you do not contract back to the exact same place. You simply return to centre which we Pilates peeps know is not one finite place, it is a zone where you can recalibrate newness with your essential bits.

And therefore it is a constant dance. A prime movement towards our innate and highly individual way of living, moving and being.